The Love Fool by Lorenzo Petruzziello

Book Details:

Book Title: The Love Fool: A Rome-antic Comedy by Lorenzo Petruzziello
Category: Adult Fiction, 314 pages
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Publisher: Quill (Inkshares)
Release date: March 13, 2018
Tour dates: Aug 6 to 24, 2018
Content Rating: PG

Book Description:

Set in Rome. Follow the whirlwind antics of a publicist as he struggles to manage his first TV chef client, his new life, and an unexpected visit from his ex-girlfriend.

Alex recently moved to Italy for an opportunity at a PR firm in Rome. His first client is the beautiful Danish chef Pernille Bjørn, a popular model, TV personality, and cookbook author just entering the booming televised cooking show market in Italy.

Alex's single-minded career focus is soon thwarted by Emily, an ex-girlfriend he hasn't heard from in almost a decade.

Italy's modern culture and enchanting sights set the backdrop to this Rome-antic comedy.

To follow the tour, please visit Lorenzo Petruzziello's page on Italy Book Tours.

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By Lorenzo Petruzziello – author of The Love Fool

When I moved to Rome, I had no intention of writing a novel. But being there inspired me to attempt it. I didn’t know how to approach it, I had just decided that I’d sit down and write.

I’ve learned three most important lessons on this new venture and want to share it with aspiring writers out there:

  1. TIME: I was fortunate enough to have all the time in the world while I was living in Rome. I was not working, but I was forced to go out and explore, learn culinary treats of Rome and meet new people. Eventually, my funds ran out… so I was forced to come back. However that free TIME allowed me to free my mind and write. So make the time. You don’t have to take 4-5 months like me, but weekends can get you started.

  1. WRITE: Don’t’ be concerned about what you wrote, just write it. You can fix and edit later. Get it all out. Write it out. Not bullets points. Write passages or scenes, ideas. Just write.

  1. REPEAT: Think of scenes or situations and repeat them in your mind over and over and over. As you repeat them, more details pop in your mind. More ideas. This is especially good while driving or on a train. Music helped me. I created a playlist soundtrack to my story. I would listen to it over and over and think about certain scenes, etc.

Meet the Author:

Lorenzo Petruzziello holds an MBA in global marketing from Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. His background includes publicity and marketing for many of public television’s popular cooking and travel shows. He lives in Massachusetts focusing on his writing. THE LOVE FOOL is his first novel.

Connect with Lorenzo: Website ~ Blog ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Instagram


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