Thursday, October 11, 2018

A Stain On The Soul

A Stain on the Soul

Resigned to another lifetime of being a witch’s familiar, Caitlyn has found a degree of peace in her role as the Duke of Normandy’s protector and spy.
But that peace is shattered when she returns to her native land only to come face-to-face with her past, and fall in love with a man who she desperately hopes will become her future.
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This second book takes place twenty some years in the future, after the first book in which Caitlyn became a witch's familiar. People are starting to notice that she is not aging and rumors spread quickly. 
The witch who enchanted Caitlyn passed her onto her apprentice just before she died.
Cait (aka Cat) has spent her time trying to figure out how long she must endure this shifting life. Her one almost pleasure was being around to raise William, whom his mother, Arlette, is determined to become heir to the English throne. To that end, William must be beneficially married off.
The first challenge comes when his bride-to-be refuses. 

Even when Arlette foresees the future, she has no idea of what must be endured to get there. Caitlyn faces death often, which she does not fear, but deals with pain, which is worse than death.

The deeper I get into this tale, the more I am a fan of Caitlyn and am pulling for her to get justice and a happy ending.

Author Bio –
Elizabeth Davies is a paranormal author, whose books have a romantic flavour with more than a hint of suspense. And death. There's usually death...
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