Monday, October 8, 2018

Clean Romance $100 Giveaway has ended

$100 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash Giveaway

Just think how many books you could buy with $100! Or maybe you need a new Kindle! Or maybe you want to try Kindle Unlimited! Or maybe you want to buy a gift for someone! Or maybe you just need an extra $100! Just look at this list of Sponsoring Authors. There is a great combination of longtime favorites mixed with new found friends. We are giving away another $100 thanks to these incredibly generous authors! Each of these authors writes clean wholesome romance.
Giveaway Sponsors
  Please show these amazing authors some love! Visit their sites. Sign up for their newsletters. Download their books. Review their books. Follow them on Social Media. There are so many ways you can support them!  

Giveaway has ended

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  1. I sure could use $100 any time. At the price of gasoline, that would mean less than 2 tanks of gas but more than 700 miles! (to attend author and writer events)
    I could take the dog to the park with a beach!
    Or pay my cable/phone/internet bill for a month(before taxes) :) !


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