Merlin's Stronghold (Faerie Crossed Book 2) by Angelica R. Jackson

Merlin's Stronghold (Faerie Crossed Book 2)

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

Release Date: October 23rd 2018


Just when Avery Flynn thinks she’s gaining some control over her magic, the Border between Faerie and the human world collapses in a catastrophic explosion. With waves of wild magic laying waste to Fae and human territories, the blame falls on Avery and her fiery temper.

Clearing her name will mean staying ahead of the grim Wild Huntsman on her trail, and convincing Merlin, the original embodiment of wild magic, to help before the devastation becomes permanent.

But as allies and enemies alike try to force their own agendas on her, trust does not come easily to Avery. She’ll need to set aside her doubts and accept that she can’t do this alone—before it’s too late for both worlds.

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Avery is struggling to get a hold on her new magic and is seeming to understand that her using it has consequences. When she tries to enlist help to deal with worlds falling apart around her, that also does not turn out as she hopes. 
In the human world, her mother is concerned enough about her behaviors that she also sees professional help.
Some of the questions I felt were not resolved in the first book of this series are dealt with but I think it will take the final book in this trilogy to make all clear.

With Avery's magic running wild, suddenly she has to deal with the loss of it totally.
In legend, and amongst the Fae, Merlin has always seemed to be the most powerful source of magic, but there are times when even the master needs assistance. His lifetime, of many lifetimes, has changed him as well.
The final confrontation seems to be trying to allow him to let go, move on, without destroying everything in his path. The ultimate good vs evil battle.

Much of this book is about trust and abuse of it, as well as thinking outside of one's usual comfort zone. Sometimes it seems like the options are the lesser of bad choices, but one viewpoint is never the full picture. There is even more to be learned about the power of magic.

Definitely written for high school age, I think adults who care to read YA will also enjoy this series.

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Avery is not your perfect, fairy tale or fantasy heroine. 
Who can blame her? It seems the boy she has a major crush on has changed. It is quite the predicament. It seems to upset her more than him.
However, this particular boy is not the only one who has Avery's hormones racing.
Perhaps that is why she never comes across as quite solid or well formed to me.
On the positive side, she has her humorous moments.

Not a bad attempt for a first book.

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