Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Another Kind of Magic

Another Kind of Magic

“I am a cat. But I am no ordinary cat. I am a witch’s familiar.
I am also a woman, with a woman’s heart and a woman’s frailty.”

Nearly two hundred years have passed since Caitlyn was trapped by supernatural forces and black magic, and she has known many mistresses. This time, the witch she is enthralled to is Joan, wife of Llewelyn, Prince of Wales.
At first, this mistress appears no different to any of the others Caitlyn has served – until Llewelyn captures William de Braose, and Joan falls in love, risking everything, including Caitlyn, to fulfil her desire.
Caitlyn, meanwhile, has her own cross to bear in the form of the gallant and reckless Hugh of Pembroke…

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Knowing this is the final piece of the story, I wanted to take my time, savor it. I have become fond of Caitlyn. 
In this portion of her life, our heroine must spend the majority of her time in fur form.
She has lived for more than two centuries, aiding one witch after another. Each of the witches has seemed to have a goal for becoming more important, more powerful, and to affect world politics.
Cait is alone in the world, anyone she cared for having passed long before now. Being enchanted, she, herself, does not age and is very difficult to kill. That does not mean she is immune to injuries and pain, both physical and emotional.

Prisoners are captured and brought to the castle where Cait now resides. For the first time in ages, she feels long buried emotions. Also, she never knows who can be trusted.
Her mistress, Joan, has lofty plans and instructs Caitlyn that she must again kill to carry them out.
In Cat form, our heroine seems to have made a new friend. Too bad his life is one most endangered.

A well written fantasy with dangerous adventure on every page. Much information about beliefs and religion support the political aspirations of the people of this time. A thoroughly enjoyable saga.

Author Bio –
Elizabeth Davies is a paranormal author, whose books have a romantic flavour with more than a hint of suspense. And death. There's usually death...
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