Saturday, December 15, 2018

Shimmer the Glowworm

Shimmer the Glowworm Finds Her Glow
By Shelby Herman

ISBN-10: 1502509539
ISBN-13: 978-1502509536
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Paperback: 54 pages
October 3, 2014, $14.99
Genre: Children’s
Grade Level: 3 - 4

Also available in ebook format

With an uplifting message and vibrant illustrations, this tale is filled with inspiration for every child that has ever forgotten...just how bright they SHINE!
Children adore this fun adventure that is layered with relatable lessons.
Shimmer the Glowworm has a low glow and sets off on a journey hoping to find her glow out there somewhere.  Each time Shimmer meets a new friend, she inspires them.
Ollie the Owl recognizes that we all have inner wisdom and we can share our ideas with others.
Cray the Chameleon realizes how special his uniqueness is.
Kiki the Kangaroo understands the importance of expressing her talents rather than downplaying them.
Scout the Raccoon discovers the value of exploring new things and not giving up.
As Shimmer the Glowworm heads back home, she realizes that when she encourages others to SHOW YOUR GLOW, her glow shines the brightest!
The theme song SHOW YOUR GLOW further enhances the message.

Shelby Herman is an author,
songwriter, and artist. She is a
member of the Society of Children’s Bookwriters and Illustrators, and Dramatists Guild for the musical
production of Shimmer the Glowworm Finds Her Glow.
She created Shimmer the Glowworm for children to understand the idea of
oneness; that we are unique and special individually and also an indispensable part of the whole and as such, to value ourselves and others for who we are and for our gifts.

Shelby lives in Southern California where you can often find her at the beach with her pink dog Roxy, where she finds inspiration everywhere to write and create things. She is currently working on the musical digital interactive book to be released spring 2018. The second Shimmer the Glowworm adventure is getting ready for release soon. Shelby hopes to continue to inspire each one of you to SHOW YOUR GLOW!

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