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The Plunge, A Lake Mystery (Aggie Mundeen Mystery) by Nancy G. West


About the Book

Cozy Mystery 1st in Series 
(Spin-Off of previous series with this character.) 
Wildside Press (October 9, 2018) 
Paperback: 136 pages 
ISBN-10: 1479449326 
ISBN-13: 978-1479449323 
Digital ASIN: B07J5K8DDG

When Aggie Mundeen accompanies San Antonio Detective Sam Vanderhoven on a weekend getaway to Lake Placid, she thinks it’s going to be fun in the sun. What could be better than caretaking a friend’s cottage on the Guadalupe River in Central Texas? Never mind that Sam intends to discretely investigate the theft of that friend’s boat... Unfortunately, the weather has plans of its own. Buckets of rain and gusting winds roil the lake, turning the peaceful Guadalupe into an angry, raging river. As darkness descends, lightning reveals two people arguing on a dock across the river. When lightning flashes again, they are gone. Did Aggie and Sam witness an accident? A drowning? A murder? The Plunge sweeps readers along with the threat of looming disaster, helpless before an untamable force, where sleuthing takes a back seat to survival...

 The tension is high and rapidly escalating as flood waters rise in Texas.
When Aggie accompanies her detective boyfriend to check on a missing boat, she dreams of some alone time with her man. Mother Nature has other plans.
Before the rains begin we get a glimpse at the residents around the lake. Something feels unsettling and suspicious but there is no time to grasp a real feel for things.
As water rises rapidly and people try to escape as houses are pushed from their foundations, Aggie and Sam jump in to help however they can. Before the night is over they will be fighting for their own lives. Even after they make it to higher ground, that struggle is not over.

Much of the book takes place during the flood. You feel tensions rise as rapidly as those raging waters in 1998 Texas. We discover how devoted Sam and Aggie are and how strong their character is. Aggie makes discoveries of her own before the book is through. You will find yourself holding your breath as you read.
I enjoyed the vague paranormal aspect of this novel as I do believe there are situations beyond our usual senses that bring about intuitions and awareness.
I like the interactions between Sam and Aggie, how they are caring and supportive yet understanding and accepting. 

About the Author

Nancy G. West is the author of award-winning suspense and the Aggie Mundeen Mystery Series. Each book in the series has either won or been nominated for an award. 
The Plunge, Lake Mystery #1, takes Aggie in a new direction. 
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