Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Bighearted Groom

The Bighearted Groom by Karly Startford
It’s not easy to hide behind a mask when the right woman dances into your arms.
 Travis Nelson, offensive guard for the Denver Storm, wants to be an announcer when he grows up. Unfortunately, all of the great announcing positions go to the pretty-boy quarterbacks. When an opportunity opens up at The Ultimate Sports Network, Travis decides his normal hit-it-as-hard-as-he-can strategy might not work, so he hires a publicist to help him with the interview.
 Jenalee Barnes, publicist extraordinaire, is fed up with football. She’s sick of the players, their drama and their giant egos. It doesn’t help that her jerk of an ex is holding the company they built together hostage until her contract is up. When Travis Nelson asks her to help him get a job as an announcer she agrees, which surprises her as much as it does her PR team. It doesn’t hurt that it makes her ex furious. Jenalee is swept away by this kind, gentle, giant who takes at-risk kids to monster truck rallies, talks to people on the street and mourns the loss of a brother he cared for through a devastating illness. She’s not ready for a relationship, even if she can’t quit thinking of kissing him. When the interview falls apart, they are left with a choice, let past insecurities blind them or trust in their hearts.


  Praise for The Bighearted Groom This is a refreshing and heartwarming romance with charming and sassy sweet characters that will have you enjoying each and every moment of their journey towards true love and happily ever after. I have no problem admitting that I’m not a fan of football - I’ve never been to a game, never watched more than a few minutes on tv... BUT I’m totally addicted to the Last Play Football Romances.

     Author Karly Statford
 Karly Stratford grew up in the wild west, and finds mountains helpful in telling which direction she is going. Her lifelong goals include: travel to all seven continents, become a Jedi Knight and receive a death threat from a fan. So far she’s been to five continents, has a black belt in Kempo and is still working on the death threat. She got roped into writing clean, uplifting romance by a few of her author friends, and actually enjoys it. The women in her books are feisty, strong and independent, while the men are smart, capable and focused. She hopes that by the time you finish one of her books you’ve laughed, you’ve cried, and you’ve cheered. Karly also writes young adult, action-packed, science fiction and fantasy under the pen name Jo Schneider.

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