Friday, February 8, 2019

The Ever After Groom

  The Ever After Groom by Carly Morgan

  A Valentine's bet and the man trying to slip past her defenses! 
 Nate Decker, offensive tackle for the Denver Storm and affectionately called Captain handsome by the media, doesn't want to attend a masquerade ball. But he's surprised when he's tricked into a bet for charity, and finds himself asking the prettiest woman in the room to dance. He never expected to be staring into the beautiful eyes of the woman who slipped away from him two years ago and he really isn't expecting all the old feelings to instantly come back. The kind and talented doctor, Hazel Marten, only attended the masquerade ball to represent Denver Hospital in support of the fundraiser for ALS. When she finds herself dancing with the man she divorced, she's more than stunned--she's struck by memories of the past--including the one of losing her little boy. But her heart instantly remembers his goodness, and the same attraction that's always been between them seems to sizzle instantly back to life. When she gets a call that her sister's in the hospital in Ever After, Montana--somehow it just feels right to have Nate swoop in and fly her there on his plane. But it shouldn't, right? She divorced him. When Nate offers to stay in Ever After and help her save her sister's cookie shop, they find themselves up to their elbows in thirty dozen sugar cookies for a wedding, uncovering clues to figure out who hurt her sister, and trying to resist this incessant need to kiss each other. When they stumble into a world of trouble tracking down her sister's assailant, they have to make a choice--face the past and forgive each other or walk away from the only true love they've ever known.
  Praise for The Ever After Groom This was a great book. Carly keeps you in her book from page one until the end. This is the first book I’ve read by Carly Morgan, but it won’t be my last. I loved this second chance story about Nate and Hazel. This is a sweet and beautiful love story with endearing and charming characters that will have you enjoying each and every moment of this journey towards happily ever after and family.

    Author Carly Morgan
 Carly Morgan is RaShelle Workman's pen name as she writes sweet, contemporary romance novels with a hint of mystery as well as cozy mysteries filled with heart. She enjoys chocolate, dancing, and reading a good book, not to mention kissing her husband, and jogging the trails behind her house.

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