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Number's Up (Barrow Bay Mysteries)

Number's Up (Barrow Bay Mysteries) by Annabelle Hunter

About Number's Up

Number's Up (Barrow Bay Mysteries)
Cozy Mystery 1st in Series
Independently Published (August 13, 2019)
Print Length: TBD

Jennifer Ward’s To Do List: 1) Turn in my business partner and his lying, cheating, law-breaking client to the SEC for insider trading. 2)Cooperate with the FBI. Do not kiss - scratch that. Do not yell at Special Agent Nicholas Kelly, the FBI agent leading said investigation. 3) Discover a dead body...
Jennifer Ward, MBA, CPA, and business consultant, likes a nice, orderly lifestyle. Schedules and To Do Lists are what gets her through the day. So when the by-the-numbers fashionista finds her business partner was breaking the law, she turned him in to the SEC. Which brought the FBI to her door, and her ordered world to an end.
But that was three weeks ago. Things couldn’t possibly get worse. Right?
Until Jen discovers her business partner dead in his hotel room. With Nic the handsome FBI agent dogging her every step, Jen must use her skills to discover the truth. Who killed Henry? And will she be next?

 Snarky and sarcastic, a bit of dark humor but oh so much fun!
This time it is not Lark in trouble, although she is still under close observation by the town and law enforcement. Her best friend Jen is taking the heat in this addition to this wacky series. 

Jen has a strong moral code and has turned in her business partner for insider trading, well at least his clients. With the business under a microscope and her long time mentor, partner and friend deeply entangled, it still comes a shock when he is murdered, and Jen almost along with him, especially with the F.B.I. literally by her side and on her tail! Murder is nothing to laugh about, but there is plenty of laughter as the town continues to try and match-make both Jen and Lark, all for the good of the town.
AND for the love of good coffee. I look forward to more with Jasmine as this series progresses.

You can read this as a stand alone but I do think you'll understand more of the nuanced references if you have read at least one of the previous books in the series. I also recommend you do because they are such fun.

About Annabelle Hunter

Annabelle Hunter is a stay-at-home mom and an avid fan of classic mystery shows and dressage. She lives in Southern California with her husband, two children, and too many animals.
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