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Anything For Love by Gracie Bond

Anything For Love
Leah Jensen, Yorkshire lass born and bred, needs money and she’ll do anything - yes, anything - to get it. Her Grandad Thomas is in pain and the cost of an operation on his bad knee is way beyond the family’s means. Leah tries everything to earn the fee – but in the end, and like so many before her, she turns to the world’s oldest profession.

Madam Butterfly’s exclusive escort agency in London is a different world to where Leah comes from. In Whitby, the sea air is sweet, and legends of Dracula jostle with jet-mining and whaling history; it’s a place where dog lovers meet and tourists come to marvel at the views.
Leah may be out of her comfort zone, but one daring, brief encounter will bring many surprises in this memorable romantic comedy full of pithy Yorkshire humour.

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Leah Jensen loves her grandfather. She would do anything for him. When his body begins to fail and he needs an operation, she and her cousin Joey must find a way to raise the money necessary
to cover the costs insurance won't. They only have a few short weeks to come up with the cash, so desperate measures are required. They try everything they can think of, from dog walking to ski shows and even wing walking. Finally, as a last ditch effort, Leah takes a walk on the wild side. It is for Grandpa!
As fate would have it, Leah's desperate leap of fate literally drops her into another woman's trap for rich bachelor Dan. By the time Leah knows the full impact of her actions, Dan has moved away but is never forgotten. Leah takes her moxy and bonus and builds her own empire.
Until that fateful day when she has a new man in her life, one for whom she would do anything, and goes in search of Dan to fulfill another quest.

This book has a humorous edge to it that will keep you smiling and wondering what can go wrong next. The characters are delightful and colorful. You will be rooting for the underdog and want to shake and slap various people as you turn the pages.

Once you get to the end... well, when is is it truly the end?

Of course my favorite scenes included wonderful Newfoundland dogs and showcases their special abilities!

Author Bio – Gracie Bond loves a good romantic comedy, either to read or to watch on Netflix.
Her favourite go-to novel is (Pride and Prejudice)- and she’s always happy to watch ( Bridgett Jones) any time of the day. Among Gracie’s interests are Newfoundland dogs, horses, and handsome Yorkshire men.
Her idea of fun would be to ride a spirited horse along a Northumberland beach, followed by a pack of her favourite dogs.
  Gracie lives in Yorkshire with her partner John and she has close connections with Whitby, the setting for this novel. 

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