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Crimival: Carousel Crimes by R.L. Walker!

Crimival: Carousel Crimes (The Disappearing Act #2)

by R.L. Walker

Genre: YA Mystery/Paranormal
Release Date: May 2019


Zoe is back for another summer of adventure. This time she is trying her hand at running her own business selling her idea of deep-fried soda pop. She quickly learns the ups and downs of starting a business and that she needs to balance her crime-solving with her day job. This time things could get deadly when the rides start falling apart literally. Will her telepathic powers be strong enough to stop disaster before it strikes?

First-hand Growing Up in the Carnival 

I have had an unusual summer job for the majority of my life working in the carnival business. My family has food concessions or food trucks as they are popularly known as now that we take to festivals and fairs. I am the 3rd generation and grew up in the carnival business and world. So I am very familiar with the world I wrote about and actually many of the events the typical carnival mishaps were based on events that happened with my family. However, all the criminal activity and kidnappings were just my active imagination. Therefore, my whole childhood was research for the setting of this novel and helped me create the world in “Crimival” based on my experiences.  

Currently, I am a middle school teacher and wanted to share a bit of the carnival world with my students and the rest of the world because I believe it is a largely misunderstood lifestyle. Many of my students after reading my first book, “The Disappearing Act” have wondered if the character Zoe is based on myself growing up in the carnival and she roughly has been based on myself and some interactions with customers and interesting people within the carnival world. These were my experiences within the carnival and family business in Ohio where we traveled all over Ohio. We experienced getting lost in the hills, our brakes not working, bad weather, and all sorts of events. 

By growing up in the carnival I was also able to be part of the interpersonal workings of the carnival and how relationships worked. I wanted to share the differences between the food, rides, and games, but how they worked together like a family when people needed help. 

About the Author
I grew up in the carnival which was the family business,.
After graduating I went to college. After which I got a job teaching English in South Korea which compelled me to pursue my Masters in Education upon my return.
I have been teaching English ever since.

Last year to help inspire my students to write more, I told them that I would write with them and complete a story and publish it.
 It took me all year, but I completed my first book, "The Disappearing Act" 

by the end of the year and got hooked on story telling! 
My time in the carnival business inspired my first book and my time spent at an archaeological dig helped to inspire my second book, "Kai's Secret".

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