Saturday, November 23, 2019

Lottie Sparkles' Magical Discovery

Lottie Sparkles Magical Discovery

Who wouldn't like a magical jacket?

Lottie Sparkles is a little girl who loves everything sparkly,mainly clothes. Anything plain or dirty is a disgrace in Lottie s mind! When Lottie is sent to spend time with her lovely grandparents in the countryside, she is furious because that essentially means smelly animals, lots of puddles and hard work!But what she certainly didn't count on was coming face to face with a magical object.

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Lottie loves sparkly things, especially clothing. When her parents send her to the country to spend time with her grandparents, all Lottie sees is dullness and mud. Her grandmother presents Lottie with a pet, an experiment gone wrong.  When all of Lottie's clean, bright, sparkly wardrobe is stolen and destroyed by the animals, she pouts and hides away in her bedroom.
Finally, all she has left to wear are the plain, DULL clothing her grandparents offer. So what could it hurt to go explore the dusty attic?
That is where the magic happens.
Lottie must open her eyes to possibility and learn to have fun.
Maybe her grandparents knew better after all.

While there is no great moral in this book, Lottie still loves and depends upon her sparkly things at the end, but she does find happiness and may be open to new experiences next time she goes to visit.

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The author loves everything sparkly and glittery but hopefully,she says, she is not a diva like Lottie from her book. Aside from all the glitz and glamour,she is a collector of magical books, tea sets, movies and a huge fan of chocolate. She has two little girls also known as "The Little Book-Fairies" with a BIG imagination.
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