CRACK THE CODE by Louis Bezich

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Book Details:

Book Title:  CRACK THE CODE: 10 Proven Secrets that Motivate Healthy Behavior and Inspire Fulfillment in Men Over 50 by Louis Bezich
Category:  Adult Non-fiction 18 yrs +,  302 pages
Genre:  Men's Health / geared towards Men Over 50
Publisher:  Somo Press, LLC
Release date:   November 2018
Content Rating:  G: No sex, violence, or bad language. Written for men over 50, or their wives.

Book Description:

"Crack The Code" presents an unconventional, motivation-based approach to health for men 50 and over. Ten strategies for creating and maintaining inspiration for a healthy lifestyle are advanced from a platform of survey research, interviews and the author’s personal experiences. Primary audiences for the book are men over 50 and the people that love them; their wives, partners, children and grandchildren. Additional audiences include health care providers, insurers, policy makers, men of all ages who want to find motivation for healthy behavior and anyone who has struggled with their health.

Asserting that without motivation no diet, exercise program, technology or other strategy will produce sustained results, "Crack The Code" describes how healthy-living men, one of the most health-challenged segments of the American population, exhibit a strong cognitive association between their life’s priorities and their behaviors; a catalytic awareness in which men often integrate their valued relationships into their health behaviors (they take walks with their wife). What the author terms Male Cognitive Behavioral Alignment. The secret sauce of male motivation outlined in the book is derived from a nationwide survey of 1,000 healthy-living men. "Crack The Code" translates the findings into strategies and tactics with actionable exercises.

Personal stories from interviews and focus groups add practical insights and emotion that engages readers. A discussion of relevant theories from psychology, management science and the fields of decision making and behavior change anchor the model in a context of well-established thinking. "Crack The Code" concludes with a call to action for a new culture of men’s health, outlining a confluence of social, economic and political factors in the US and beyond that represent a tipping point where healthy behavior among 50 plus men will become the new norm. Crack The Code’s focus on motivation and the psycho-social underpinnings of behavior fills a gap in a market dominated by publications on traditional diet and exercise. By digging deeper and using everyday men as a source, "Crack The Code" breaks new ground for a burgeoning segment of the baby-boomer population that is in desperate need of help. The potential to influence men of other ages as well as health care providers, insurers and policy makers, creates a tremendously valuable read.

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Healthiness vs Happiness
Do we need to be happy to find the motivation to start living healthy? Can healthy behavior contribute to our happiness and get us into the cycle where the two become mutually reinforcing? The key here is to foster the connection.
I consider myself a positive, glass-half-full guy. Trust me, after 40 years in management, I'm not naive to the ways of the world and the crap that we all deal with. In my experience, healthiness and happiness go hand in hand. You may have experienced the same.
For me, a good workout is the perfect antidote to the stress of daily life. I love to exercise in the morning, in part, because it sets the tone for my day, and gives me the feeling that I can handle whatever it brings.
As a single dad back in my 30s and 40s with 2 boys at home, diet and exercise enabled me to balance a busy career and fatherhood. It kept me upbeat and happy when I could have easily played the blame game and bemoaned my mistakes of the past. I'm not sure if it was the proximity of my fatherly experiences or my healthy lifestyle, but I was happy and feeling good.
How about you? What makes you happy? How can you bring happiness, and healthiness into your life? The literature is full of guidance. In an article in Psychology Today of the same name, psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith identified 10 Simple Ways to Find Happiness. Among my favorites on his list are being open to change and finding purpose. 
My personal approach to finding happiness is to engage in a simple 4-step analysis:
1. Consider who makes you happy?
2. Identify what makes you happy?
3. Inventory where you are the happiest.
4. Think about why you feel happy.

Whatever method you use, remember that happiness and a positive outlook can go far in supporting your health.

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While there are various scientific studies of all sorts about men's health, this book is the result of something a bit different. This is the culmination of his work following a group of men who exhibit healthy behaviors and attitudes and self motivate. They have followed their passions and made choices regarding food and activities, including families and life balance, to remain healthy and enjoy life.
The author cites the studies but explains the results and findings via stories and anecdotes which demonstrate a model for others to follow to remain motivated to live within more healthful parameters. It talks about internal vs external factors to staying motivated but following your own path, making your own choices and how that helps men not fall off the path.
The science is here but this book is about real people and real results.

Meet the Author:

An executive for over 40 years in the public and private sectors, Louis Bezich currently serves as a Senior Vice-President with a major health care system. He is an adjunct professor in the Graduate Department of Public Policy and Administration at the Camden Campus of Rutgers University and sits on various public, non-profit and corporate boards. Bezich has published numerous articles in the field of public administration and health and is a contributing author to Corporate Lawbreaking and Interactive Compliance, edited by Jay A. Sigler and Joseph E. Murphy. He holds a master’s degree in public policy from Rutgers University, a bachelor’s degree in social science from the University of Tampa and is a graduate of Harvard University's Program for Senior Executives in State and Local Government.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful book that is surely gong to change men's lives.

  2. From Lou the author: Thanks for posting about my book, and sharing your review.


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