Deadly Cypher: A World War II Mystery (The Deadly Series) by Kate Parker


  Deadly Cypher: A World War II Mystery 

(The Deadly Series)

by Kate Parker

About Deadly Cypher


  Deadly Cypher: A World War II Mystery (The Deadly Series)
Historical Cozy Mystery 7th in Series
Publisher ‏ : ‎ JDP Press (August 24, 2021)
Print length ‏ : ‎ 211 pages 


Could a murder at Bletchley Park cost Britain the war?


November, 1939. The British government has assembled a small group of intellectuals at an estate north of London as part of a top-secret codebreaking effort. Everything about it is clandestine. The facility is ringed with a veil of silence until one of the young female linguists is murdered.


Britain's counterintelligence spymaster tasks Olivia Redmond with finding the killer and the motive. Olivia is sent in alone, without clues or suspects.

Did the murder victim uncover a mole? Could Britain's program to break German enigma cyphers be compromised?


If Olivia fails, it could mean the destruction of Britain.


Deadly Cypher will be on sale until August 30, 2021 when it will be sold at full price.


Deadly Cypher, book seven of the Deadly Series, is for fans of World War II era spy thrillers and classical cozy mysteries, of intrepid lady sleuths with spunk and smarts. No explicit cursing, sex, or violence.


Preorder your copy today!

Olivia Redmond Guest Post

Hello. If you’re here, it must mean you’re going to read about my life again. The stories in The Deadly Series concern adventures I have as Britain heads toward, and then into, war.

As Olivia Harper, my maiden name, and Olivia Denis, my name when married to my first husband, nothing exciting never happened to me. That doesn’t mean I didn’t get into scrapes when I went to boarding school and university, but nothing truly interesting.

Then my husband, Reggie Denis, was murdered, and his killer tried to make it look like suicide. I knew better, even if the police believed the so-called evidence. This meant I needed to prove that Reggie was murdered, and I needed employment that would pay for the flat and the lifestyle I enjoyed.

This wouldn’t be easy, especially in Britain in 1937. Women didn’t work if they had a father or husband or brother to support them. I was an only child, my husband was dead, and my father and I have never been able to stand each other. However, my best friend’s father owned a London daily newspaper, and he was willing to hire me at a salary that would allow me to continue to keep the flat.

There was one catch. My friend’s late mother was a German Jew, and she and her father, my new boss, wanted to help her mother’s family escape Germany. He hired me so when I wasn’t working on the women’s pages of the newspaper, I would make trips to Nazi held territory to aid these people. Whenever and wherever he wanted me to go, with the thin story that I was an English reporter.

Fortunately, I spoke fluent German as well as French and English, and I rather enjoy travel. I also discovered I had a talent for solving mysteries and catching killers when I solved my husband’s murder.

This combination of skills and talents brought me to the attention of Sir Malcolm Freemantle, Britain’s spymaster, or more properly, the head of the intelligence services. He

“borrowed” me from the newspaper whenever he needed my services. While my adventures for the newspaper were exciting, my investigations for the spymaster were equal parts thrilling and frightening. And my current investigation for Sir Malcolm, in Deadly Cypher, was every bit of that.

The war has begun, my new husband, Captain Adam Redmond, is off with the British army, and I have been borrowed again to work at Bletchley Park as a German translator while I find the killer of the translator whose position I take over. I have to leave my beloved flat for a room in the servants’ quarters at a manor house and share one bath with seven other female Bletchley Park colleagues.

The energy and patriotism of this group and the codebreakers living in the village is amazing, and they will keep the secret of Bletchley Park across the years. Except for one, I fear. For the killer could be a Nazi spy, ready to reveal the secret everyone else is trying so hard to preserve.

Deadly Cypher is the seventh book in The Deadly Series of World War II mysteries by Kate Parker.  

Breaking a code could save a country or cost one one's life.
Another dark and decidedly complex mystery from amazing author Kate Parker.
Based on actual historical events, this mystery draws the reader into a fascinating era.

Who can one trust? Who is to be believed?
Investigative reporter Olivia Redmond is once again charged with the task of finding the truth about a murder. Was it love gone wrong, being in the wrong place at a deadly time? Or is it connected to spies and Great War activity? Can Olivia discover who the killer is and their motive before she becomes the next victim?

A real page turner.

 Kate Parker

With her love of travel, Kate Parker sets her novels overseas. Once home from her research trips and armed with hot tea and chocolate, she can be found clicking away on her keyboard, hiking the hills of central North Carolina, and spoiling her 90 pound muse puppy. She'd tell you what she did before she retired, but then she'd have to use certain skills to eliminate you. She pens stories to entertain readers who enjoy action and murder in tales about plucky heroines, quirky characters, and difficult situations in a bygone era. Her stories are sweet, as in no graphic sex, violence, or language. Her heroines remain ladylike while chasing murderers and escaping danger. Well, as ladylike as scratching, punching, and kicking can be.

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