Friday, September 23, 2016

The Sweetheart Racket Review


Inside the Book:

Title: The Sweetheart Racket
Author: Cheryl Ann Smith
Release Date: September 13, 2016
Publisher: Lyrical Shine
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Format: Ebook/Paperback

They used to be on the sidelines. Now they’re out in the field…

Two years ago, Taryn Hall was a pro football cheerleader—until she left her lecherous boss with a bloody nose and a faceful of Mace. Now she’s part of a different kind of squad. An elderly billionaire named Irving has hired and trained Taryn and her two best friends to work as private investigators…

Taryn loves the job, though it sometimes involves boring stakeouts, dog bites—and listening to Irving talk about his golf shoes. Then tattooed, steely-eyed, straight-up gorgeous undercover DEA agent Rick Silva walks into the office and shakes things up…

Rick needs help finding the con artist who’s taken his lonely mother for all she was worth. With multiple aliases and multiple victims, it will be a challenge to track down the coldhearted gigolo. And Rick insists on accompanying Taryn on the hunt, working closely, day and night. This could be dangerous. And the case might be kind of risky, too…  

Hot cheerleaders in skimpy outfits, taken under the wind of a wealthy, older, wanna-be crime fighter ~~  its not surprising when you make comparisons to a popular 70s tv show.  To end there would be to not give author Cheryl Ann Smith enough credit. 

These lady PIs are intelligent and capable yet human. Their characters are exposed layer by layer. 
The writing is wonderful, the humor both subtle and refreshing.  The sexual tension between Taryn and her tattooed client is palpable.  This plot is NOT predictable.

After reading this first book in this exciting series I want the next book NOW.

Meet the Author:

A fan of romance fiction since the dark ages, author Cheryl Ann Smith loves to throw her heroines into danger, just to see what they’ll do. Her dream of publication came true in 2011 when the first in her historical romance series came out with Berkley Sensation. And starting on September 13th 2016, she'll launch an exciting a new contemporary romance series with Kensington's Lyrical Press. These books will mix her crazy sense of humor with the adventures of a trio of female private investigators, who are the kick-ass heroines Cheryl has always wanted to be.

While growing up, Cheryl never dreamed of being a writer. Then one afternoon she got a crazy idea and decided to write her own book. It took over five years, a marriage, and the births of her children to finish the manuscript. It was a hundred pages too long and thin on plot, but she took immense satisfaction in her accomplishment.

Naively, she was sure that book would sell to great fanfare. Agents and editors were less than enthusiastic. Thankfully, she stumbled onto Romance Writers of America soon after and that book got filed away forever. Since then her plots have improved and her page counts and writing time per book have been cut considerably.

Cheryl lives in Michigan with her family, two cats and a very hairy dog. She enjoys outdoor adventures and traveling, when she has the time, and hopes to make her first visits to Europe and Australia in the very near future.

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